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Comedian and host, Jessie Woo got her start in entertainment by creating and producing her own content on social media. After an unexpected job lay off in New York, The Florida International University graduate took her imagination to Instagram as a way to keep depression at bay and wound up bringing joy to over half a million followers.

Today, Jessie has become a highly sought after television and social media personality. She was recently named co-host of Twitter’s new talk show, Power Star Live produced by Will Packer Media. She serves as host and writer for BET Digital’s, Breaks and Black To Life.

Born in Montreal, Quebec to Haitian parents, Jessie got her start singing in the church where her father preached and her mother was the choir director. Following her parent?s divorce, Jessie?s mother moved her and her younger siblings to the states to start a new life in Miami.

Growing up Jessie always dreamed of becoming an artist but later struggled to make it into the Miami music scene. After graduate school, With only $700 in her pocket, she packed up her belongings and headed to New York in hopes of better odds. Jessie spent months on her aunt?s couch in Brooklyn and when she finally landed a corporate gig, it didn?t last long. However, things eventually began to shift.

With an iPhone, a thick Kreyol accent and a storyline about a broken ice cream machine at popular fast food restaurant?Jessie created an irreverent and hilarious character inspired by her Haitian background that fans overwhelmingly embraced. Today, Jessie is a top social media creator who travels the country hosting her popular Seeester Talk Live series.

With roots in music, acting and stand up, Jessie credits Jamie Foxx as her career inspiration and has her mind set on even higher heights. She is grateful for all of her many blessings and looks forward to sharing her talents with even larger audiences.
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